How can I book a trip with Sure Etnique Travel?

You can either book online using our secure and user-friendly online booking platform, or you can contact us directly via email or phone. We’re always ready to assist you in crafting your perfect journey.

Can you help with visa applications?

Absolutely! We offer dedicated visa assistance services to help you navigate the complex requirements of different countries. Our knowledgeable team will provide you with the most current information and guide you through the entire process.

Do I need travel insurance?

We highly recommend that all travelers secure comprehensive travel insurance before embarking on any trip. This will provide coverage for unexpected circumstances such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and loss or theft of belongings.

Can you cater to specific dietary requirements during the trip?

We work with a vast network of service providers around the globe, many of whom can cater to specific dietary needs. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any dietary restrictions.

Do you offer corporate travel services?

Yes, we offer bespoke corporate travel services. From planning business meetings abroad to arranging executive retreats, we ensure that every detail of your corporate journey is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.

Can you help me plan a honeymoon or a family trip?

Sure Etnique Travel excels in crafting personalized travel experiences for all types of journeys. Whether it’s a romantic honeymoon or a fun-filled family adventure, we can help you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy depends on the nature of your booking and the policies of our service providers. We recommend discussing this with our team at the time of booking.

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