About us Sure etnique Travel


 Sure Etnique Travel is a professional travel agent based in Bloemfontein and part of Sure Travel Group. As your travel agent, Sure Etnique travel offers professional services that includes much more than the usual flights, hotel and accommodation and car rental bookings. Our Services extend even further than the 120 countries we have visited first hand. Although we are based in Bloemfontein our world class travel management services would always exceed every clients’ best expectations whether it is corporate or leisure travel, we will not only be your travel agent but your partner in travel excellence.SURE ETNIQUE TRAVEL boasts a well-established group of experienced and   enthusiastic travel consultants who offer friendly, capable and personalized   travel advice and are always available for your comfort and peace of mind.A dynamic group of travel consultants who, as a team, offer professional and   personal service of the highest excellence. We strive to be the travel   management company that clients want to work with, and dedicated people want   to work for.All our   consultants have first-hand experience of numerous destinations. Each   consultant is afforded the opportunity to travel regularly to a new   destination; thus acquiring first hand travel and destination experience.Although   we address all the basic travel aspects globally, for instance   reservations for flights, accommodation, car rental, trains, cruises, city   tours, theatre, travel insurance and visas, we can further assist you with   that extra special information on destination trends: personal   first-hand experience of regional cultures and festivals, cuisine and   wine, sporting events and adventure excursions, sightseeing and people.
Not only   do we love to share our own experiences with our customers, but we are   delighted to share our unique travel library, consisting of approximately   2000 books on travel destinations around the world; it is enhanced with Mitchelin road maps and DVD’s, all for your preferential enjoyment!
Our online blog site www.travelinform.co.za is a platform created especially for our customers to obtain destination knowledge and share their own unique travel experiences and adventures.
Our latest addition www.travelwithus.co.za is our own specialist consultant connected travel website that offers various online services and packages. The Site is divided in to convenient categories i.e. Cruises, Ski, Safari’s, Tours and leisure, Tropical and Excursions and day tours.
Over a   period of twelve years we have forwarded our popular monthly newsletter,   @ETCETERA, consisting of interesting travel journals, based on   personal experiences, handy travel information on visa requirements, airport   hints, health requirements and warnings as well as regular special offers.   Contact us at info@etniquetravel.co.za to be added to our mailing list.